Robust and reliable network connectivity is a must for any business...

Network & Connectivity

With businesses increasing reliance on internet based services to operate, reliable uninterrupted connectivity is essential. Maker Technologies Ltd have been providing businesses with with an array of different connectivity solutions for many years. From basic broadband connections to complex VPNs and Wireless WANs (Wide Area Network), we can advise and supply connectivity solutions of any size.


Some of our recent projects include supplying Wi-Fi solutions for hospitality venues, providing superfast broadband to blocks of residental apartments, installing muti-branch VPNs and enabling fast wireless internet access to businesses currently unable to access Openreach’s fibre network.


But we know that with all the advances in communication, sometimes you just can’t beat picking up the phone and calling someone! So we also offer cutting edge phone systems with all the features you could possibly ever need – all for a price that in most cases actually reduces your monthly phone costs!


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